Monthly Update - August 2019

Component Status

Issues / Risks

Overall Health

The Talanoa sessions were held successfully in July.

Consulting engagements continue to be delivered as scheduled.

Risks associated with the HR/Payroll implementation continue to be monitored and managed.

Key Accomplishments

  • The payroll scripts to address FRCS requirements on tax balancing is still not available for testing.  This issue may now potentially impact the HR/Payroll milestones if government accreditation is not received in time.
  • There are Issues related to Finance consulting engagements.  The Finance consultant will be replaced and retraining on identified topics will be provided to the Finance project team.
  • Student term structure decision has been confirmed.  FNU will be using 12 separate term codes and will not be using Parts of Term. There are pro's and con's of using any types of term structure.
  • Finance team has started training their staff on using the system.
  • Data conversion activities are ongoing. The student data conversion activity has been delayed by 2 weeks which will not impact any other deliverable. The HR Data has been moved into the test environment.
  • BDM services started. Needs Analysis data collection completed and onsite training is scheduled in early October.
  • Argos services started. Argos Sessions 1-5 have been conducted beginning the month of September
  • All training topics for the Remote Database Administration training have been delivered.  FNU has completed building a non-production Banner instance.
  • The Workflow installation has been completed.
  • Work Order for Active Directory Account Provisioning was approved on end of August and will be scheduled as soon as possible. FNU requires ADAP to be live by December.

Upcoming Major Milestones

HR Payroll Test 100 TestingSeptember 2019
Finance System TestingOctober 2019
HR/ Payroll Converted Data TestingOctober 2019
Second Round Talanoa SessionSeptember 2019
Finance Systems End-to-End TestingNovember 2019
Student Systems Mock Simulation Testing 1November 2019
Finance Systems - GO LIVEJanuary 2020
HR/ Payroll Systems - GO LIVEJanuary 2020

Planned Activity for Next Three Months

  • Conduct Talanoa sessions during the week of 16 September.
  • Complete successful testing of payroll scripts by the end of  September.
  • Complete Student data conversion activities in non-production by the end of September.
  • Provision Production servers in September.  Install Banner Production environment starting in September and complete by mid-November.
  • Complete installation of Degree Works in September.  Deliver Degree Works Decision Planning session in October.
  • Deliver Banner Document Management training in October.
  • Complete Workflow training engagements scheduled in September. 
  • Complete Recruit Discovery and Planning session in October.
  • Finalize schedule for Active Directory Account Provisioning service.
  • Finalize schedule for CAPP services and Program Catalogue localization services.